Welcome to The HOME: three invitations to create.

This is where Vancouver’s most ambitious leaders go from stuck to unstuck, from lethargic to enlivened, from detached to connected. When we explore, learn, and listen better, we collaborate for a brighter future.

An impressive, flexible home base for new enterprises + mentorship and practical support

A regular ‘time-in’ for established teams to practice creativity and make it repeatable

Extraordinarily flexible, open, and impressive space for special events, workshops, or gatherings

Take a look for yourself to see how modular The Home really is. Straight-up space rental pricing is here.
Contact us for more about the residency program or to set up an ongoing practice space for your team.


Sun Tower, 510 Beatty Street, #100 (Ground Floor) Vancouver, BC V6B 2L3     |     (778) 379-3408