To inject fresh thinking, give team members a dedicated practice space for creativity—the kind they can propagate.

This environment is your open space to roll up sleeves and practice co-creation. This is not one-off team-building. It’s designed to surface new ways of thinking and working together beyond the bureaucracies, hierarchies, obstacles, or long-standing assumptions of familiar ground.

With space to practice, improve your team’s capacity to innovate by discovering unmet customer needs. Set a tone of continuous learning; nurture your talent pipeline and cultural environment to surface more new ideas; and craft a practical roadmap to manage all kinds of positive change.

Sharing space with the THNK School of Creative Leadership, the in-house learning and design team at The Home will work with you to configure your practice space:

  • Get weekly or monthly access to collaboration and event ‘time-in’ space, including one of Vancouver’s most extraordinary plenary rooms and three uniquely designed break-out rooms for smaller, more nimble team collaboration. Stimulate participation and fresh new energy with plenty of natural light, great acoustics and a full creative kit.
  • Host meetings and sessions in The Boardroom, an impressive and intimate space with seating for up to eight people. Includes whiteboard surfaces plus a built-in digital experience and an A/V system for streaming from any device and full-room sound, wireless projectors, Apple TV, and high-speed wifi.
  • Prototype new ideas with an endless supply of creative materials, rolling whiteboards to get juices flowing, and white-boardable surfaces everywhere.
  • Meditate together with yoga mats and meditation pillows, enhancing off-site ideation with spatial and physical awareness.
  • Share meals and spontaneous happenings at a 20-foot white birch family-style table with well-appointed kitchen.
  • Reflect and enjoy quiet time in the Library and Lounge, with hand-picked creativity, business and innovation must-reads.
  • Welcome partners and collaborators of all physical abilities and needs, with a homebase that includes an elevator, non-gendered wheelchair-friendly washrooms, and secure bike storage.
  • Pricing based on frequency. Get in touch to learn more.

Take a look for yourself to see how modular The Home really is. Straight-up space rental pricing is here.
Contact us for more on the residency program or to set up an ongoing practice space for your team.


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